Since : 1971


Florence Surgicals (India) is an original equipment manufacturer for the surgical instruments medical device industry. The company manufactures Surgical, Ent, Eye, dental, orthopedic and Gynecology instruments and exports to the global healthcare industry through its multitudes of distributors and agents. We got nationwide reputation for excellence.

Established in the year 1971, Florence Instruments has become one of the most trusted brand for medical instruments products by understanding and catering to the requirements of surgeons and providing excellent quality of products with significant focus on research and development. Florence Instruments is one of the oldest and most recognized medical instruments manufacturing company and instruments exporter in India.

We view our past success and in particular, our responsibility towards the surgeon and the patient as an obligation to continue to focus our skill, experience, and creativity on advancing the art of medical technology in the future. Our latest catalogue, describes more than 25,000 Different instruments in the area of medical technology.